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Panatype : Pana Zine Issue 1

Typeface design, layout design, content, printing    .    Panatype International    .    2021

alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
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GA.TA – Searching / Building 8"

Cover design, Risography    .    GA.TA    .    2021

gif animation of a record cover

YLE Kioski

Visual communication design    .    YLE Kioski Instagram    .    2020

Shadowing Light

Book design    .    Aleks Talve    .    2020

black box of a photo book
black box opened
books unboxed
photo spread
text spread
photo spread
index spread
photo poster

Photos : Aleks Talve

Dumboe Lookbook

Newspaper Design    .    Dumboe    .    2019

dumbo newspaper cover
newspaper first spread
suomi finland spread
queer spread
last page
newspaper production photos
gracias with newspaper

Photos : Teemu Heljo & Elias Markkula


Branding / Web / Publication Series    .    Ark—byroo    .    2019

ark-byroo logo with guides
stack of business cards
ark-byroo web lander
building history survey covers


Branding / Web    .    Archtours    .    2019

archtours logo
archtours web lander
archtours business cards


Layout Design    .    Pelago Bicycles    .    2017—2019

pelago catalog 2018 cover
pelago catalog frame spread
pelago catalog street spread

Pelago Catalog '18

pelago bicycle owner's manual cover
pelago bicycle owner's manual part spread
pelago bicycle owner's manual spread

Pelago Bicycle Owner's Manual

pelago part assembly instructions
pelago bicycle assembly instructions

Pelago Assembly Instructions

Days Agency

Web Design    .    Days Agency    .    2018

Dog Design

Web Design    .    Dog Design    .    2018

dog design web frontpage
dog design web portfolio
dog design web single project

Loud Silents

Branding , Type Design    .    Loud Silents    .    2017—

loud silents logo
loud silents 2019 posters
loud silents 2018 posters
loud mono typeface


Personal    .    2016—

calendar 2020 scorpio rising front and back
calendar 2020 closeup
calendar 2020 second sheet

Thirteen songs for the fallen idols    .    2020    .    A2    .    Risograph

calendar 2019: ja historia kiertää kehää

Ja historia kiertää kehää    .    2019    .    297 x 307 mm

calendar 2018: maailma on loppu

Maailma on loppu    .    2018    .    A2

calendar 2017: jotuni

Jotuni    .    2017    .    A1

calendar 2016: flower lore and legend cover
calendar 2016: flower lore and legend april
calendar 2016: flower lore and legend september
flower lore and legend illustrations A2

Flower lore and legend    .    2016    .    A3


Illustration / Web    .    A.S.Helsingö    .    2017—2019

a.s.helsingö kitchen pricing tool for web
a.s.helsingö kitchen pricing tool for web 2
a.s.helsingö kitchen illustration examples
a.s.helsingö window decals

Photo : A.S.Helsingö